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Enhance The Beauty
Buying this hand beaded showpiece 
enhances the beauty 
of the people in an African village.


Each skirt is named after a village in Africa.  

Once a skirt is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds go to that village in Africa. 

    Since I was a child I was drawn to the beauty of Africa. It is a continent that has two drastic spectrums of classes.  There are areas in Africa that are wealthy; and on the other hand there are other areas of Africa that are in need of help.  I was so drawn to the areas that needed help. I felt that in any way I could give back would be better than not giving back at all.  I couldn’t ignore the ruin that has risen over the years.  
    As a young girl my family went on safaris.  We saw that these gorgeous people were in desperate need, so we started a charity called The Stanley Family Foundation.  We adopted families in Zimbabwe, Africa that were in great devastation.  These families struck chords in our hearts.  
    Enhance The Beauty is about enhancing the beauty of the people in an African village.  Traveling all over Africa, I created friendships and love for families living in different villages within Africa.  When people ask me, why do you want to help these people? I answer their question with a story...My family and I were in Zimbabwe, Africa.  We traveled into the villages to bring supplies for a family.  Unfortunately I caught a 24 hour flu, so I did not eat anything all day.  Still focused on helping the family, I went into the villages.  It was about 100 degrees that day.  Standing there with my family and the village family, we were communicating through a translator.  We were telling them how it was great to see them and that we brought them more supplies.  All of a sudden I literally started to see stars.  Not eating all day and standing in the beating sun, I was going to faint.  So I turned to my mother and whispered, “I am going to faint,” my legs almost collapsed and our guide grabbed me and walked me back to the car.  I was so embarrassed.  I kept thinking, I get the flu, not eat a day, and I am almost fainting in front of a family that goes days without eating.  Rushing back to the truck to sit down and get some water, a group of children followed.  Even the separation of languages did not stop them from acknowledging something was not right with me.  As I was sitting on the back of the truck, a young child about 5 years old came up to me and offered me a piece of fruit that fell from a tree.  These families have nothing, yet they were taught to share what little they do have.  From that moment I learned that these families are something else. They taught me to appreciate everything I have, because they truly appreciate what little they do have.       
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If you would still like to be apart of Enhance The Beauty



ALL donations go into

Enhancing The Beauty

of the people in an African village. 

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